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Certified organic products from Sacha Inchi seeds (nuts), naturally and organically grown and harvested from soil rich in organic materials and organism from the highlands of Thailand.


1. Sacha Inchi seeds contain :
  • nutritional compositions of Omega 3 and Omega 6
  • fatty acids
  • complete protein
  • high in Vitamins A &E

Our body needs Omega 3 and Omega 6 to maintain optimal health. They are essential to our health but our body can not produce them. Sacha Inchi Oil is predominantly made up of polyunsaturated fatty acids(82%), about 48% is Omega3 and 33% is Omega 6.

We use cold pressing virgin technology for production to preserve the most natural nutrients of Sacha Inchi Oil, and no any other substance is added. 100% QUALITY IS GUARANTEED

  • Extra Virgin
  • Cold Pressed
  • Organically Grown

特级初榨 ~冷压印加果油

Sacha Omega 与您的健康息息相关


根据世界卫生组织的营养指南,我们的身体需要正确的脂质如 Omega-3 及 Omega-6 来维持健康。此必需脂肪酸是人体运作不可或缺的重要元素之一。因人体不能自行制造,日常饮食中也因高温烹饪而破坏其结构,所以营养专家鼓励大众从辅助品处额外摄取。Omega-3 对人体有许多好处,其中最重要的有 : –

1. 维护心脏健康
  • 帮助调节三酸甘油(胆固醇)与血压正常水平
  • 改善血液循环,增强活力
  • 帮助维持心律正常
2. 脑部与认知能力
  • 帮助减缓脑部退化并减低老年痴呆症的风险
  • 改善记忆力与专注力
  • 加强神经导体的运作;协调动作
  • 促进情绪管理与认知能力
3. 预防身体发炎
  • 身体长期慢性发炎是癌症与心脏病的前兆,Omega -3 能减缓细胞发炎的机率
  • 有效帮助修复类风湿关节炎等

印加果油主要成分是多不饱和脂肪酸(82%),其中 48%为 Omega-3, 33%为 Omega-6, 同时富含维他
命 A & E。

  • 特级初榨
  • 冷压萃取
  • 有机栽种
Health Care



The deep reddish-purple colour and exquisite sour-sweet taste and aroma come from the natural colorants of Blackcurrant Cassis Berries. Exceptional strong antioxidant of natural substances including Anthocyanins, Vitamin C and Polyphenols, low in calories. Excellent for eye health, general health and protection from harmful free radicals that cause cell damage.


100% Pure New Zealand - Climatic Conditions; Best for Blackcurrant Cassis Berries

  • Non- Genetically Modified (GMO free)
  • Harvested and processed within 24 hours in the New Zealand farms
  • Blackcurrants Cassis Berries Concentrate 65 brix and Single Strength
    Potent antioxidant, rich in polyphenols, vitamin C and minerals
  • All natural, no artificial colour or flavour, no preservative or sweetener
  • Grown with unique ‘Mountain-Insect-Control-Technology’ without genetic engineering (GMO free), harsh pesticides or chemicals for superior quality and safety.
  • 不经过任何基因改造
  • 收成后于24小时之内送入新鲜冰冻
  • 百利糖度以及单一浓度的黑加仑浓缩果汁
  • 黑加仑是非常有效的抗氧化剂,富含多酚、维生素C和矿物质
  • 纯天然,不含色素、味精、防腐剂以及糖精
Blackcurrant Cassis Berries for your eyes

Anthocyanins in Blackcurrant Cassis Berries are good for your eyes health and maintenance. They are found to be effective in improving vision and eye-sight. Blackcurrant Cassis Berries are also high in Vitamin A, which is considered effective to night blindness.



Blackcurrants Cassis Berries for your skin care

Varieties of vegetable chemical (phytochemicals) substances including antioxidants protect skin from various outer damages including by UV. According to the study in Finland University, Cassis Berries also help maintaining skin to be younger by regenerating strong collagen. In addition, Prostatic ProGRP maintains moisture on skin and protects from drying out.



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